In Sydney, many family lawyers are ready to offer you the help you need when you are in the middle of a family crisis. However, you can only rely on some family lawyers when you need legal assistance or representation. This is because not all family lawyers can successfully fight for their client’s rights. Therefore, you must know what makes good and bad family lawyers make the right choices.


Signs You Hired Bad Family Lawyers in Sydney

Hiring bad family lawyers can be overwhelming and difficult for you as the client. Additionally, working with bad family lawyers means you may never get the favourable results you need since these lawyers will likely jeopardise your case. However, if you realise that you have hired the wrong family lawyers, you can always fix things to get better family lawyers. If you have already hired family lawyers, the following are clear signs that you are working with bad family lawyers in Syndey;


  • The lawyers are bad communicators

The last thing you would wish to experience when you are in the middle of solving family matters is poor communication with your family lawyers. If you are working with family lawyers who never inform you of your case proceedings,  you are working with bad lawyers. Good family lawyers should always keep you informed on your case proceedings and provide you with any relevant answers to your questions.


Also, if you are always struggling to contact the family law lawyers you need and they never return your messages or phone calls, you made the wrong choices when hiring them. Even though family lawyers may be very busy,  they do not have the right to ignore their clients’ calls. If you have already seen this  sign, it means you have the worst family lawyers handling your case.


  • They have unclear billing practices

The family lawyers you hire need to earn a living through the services they offer you. While most clients think hiring lawyers is expensive, sometimes they deserve the high pay since they do alot of work even when they are not representing you in court. However, if your family lawyers slam you with unexpected costs, it is because they have unclear billing practices, which is a  clear sign that they are bad lawyers.


  • They are unprofessional

Your family lawyers’ actions usually have a substantial impact on your case. For this reason, if your family lawyers are always crossing the line into illegal and unethical behaviour, they are likely to impact your case negatively. Even if your chances of winning the case are 100% when you have unprofessional family lawyers, your winning chances are limited. Therefore, if you realise that your family lawyers are lawbreakers, they are the wrong ones to handle your case.


  • Has negative attitude

Your family lawyers are always your advocates when you are in or out of the courtroom. Your family lawyers should always be providing that they are fighting the fight with and for you. However, if the family lawyers you have are always complaining, condescending and overly negative about your case and your future, they are the wrong lawyers for your case. If you have such lawyers,  they will never solve your family problems; instead, they will become your problem.


  • Other signs of bad family lawyers

Apart from breaking the law and getting involved in illegal behaviour, bad  family lawyers will also do the following things;

  • Showing up late during meetings
  • Failing to show up and missing court dates and important meetings
  • Making important decisions about your case without you knowing
  • Failing to file paperwork in time and filing paperwork wrongly
  • Failing to return your calls and messages in time
  • Proceeding with your case even if they have a conflict of interest in the case


All these are signs that you have been working with the wrong family lawyers. Instead of helping you resolve your family issues and get favourable results, they will drag your case, and you may lose.



Whenever you want to hire family lawyers in Sydney, make surer that yiou have the right lawyers. Since this is a very difficult and emotional moment, you want to avoid adding more weight to your shoulders by hiring bad family lawyers. However, suppose you realise that you hired bad family lawyers. In that case, you can always fix this problem by finding family lawyers who have your interests at heart and will do all they can to help you resolve your family issues.




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